The Croods – a fun game


Those who have seen the movie, have also played the game. This game has been developed by Rovio, the creators of the well-known franchise Angry Birds and it is a village building game. It can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. The downside of this game (I know it’s not good to start with the negative parts, but I really think this is relevant) is the fact that it can be played only by having a permanent internet connection and also with a Rovio account. I hadn’t, and in order to play it I had to create one, so now I have one more username and password to remember. I don’t see why they didn’t allow to play using your google account, but that’s it.

In the game, the Croods family live on a farm and the three members need to develop. The Gran is the wiser person in the family, so she come with the great idea – hunt and gather. The Gran is the one who controls everything, she has all the ideas and you, as the player will have to accomplish all her demands if you want to level up.

Greg and Ugaa are the other two members of the family. She is on charge with cooking and he needs to take care of the animals and other things. You will have also Eep, Thunks, Guy and Sandy, but you will have to finish many levels until you will have the chance to use them.

The purpose of this game is to gather resource for the family in order to catch and tame prehistoric creatures so that you can put on work. There are 10 creatures available during the game. Every animal depends on each other in order to survive. The most important one which is actually available right away is the Molar Bear. To survive he needs raspberries and for a change he offers carrots. The carrots are the food source for Bunny Beast, creature that gives in return stones that can be used at constructions. As you see, all is in connection and that makes the game to be so interesting.

But how you catch the animals? Well, you will have to set up specific traps. After you catch them you will have to tame them – that’s means you will keep them in special enclosures and you will feed them. Then you will put them on work, but not until you create a special environment.

The Croods is a pretty interesting and fun game, especially if you like the games like Farmville or why not SimCity. Is pretty much the same idea. The game is free, but if you want to evolve you will need lots of patience or cash in your pockets. But I don’t really think this is a game worthy to invest money. From my point of view, enjoying top gambling games is more worthy of my time and money. I need to admit that once a week I play at least one fun online gambling game and despite the fact that I don't always win, I find it worthy. I find to be interesting video gambling games, but this is only my personal point of view.



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